Web Project


These are design proposals to choose a “look” to start with. The design will evolve as we proceed.

All images and text are place holders, once a design direction is chosen, appropriate images will be chosen and any existing available images should be provided by ISSMO


To use the existing logo, a better resolution version of the logo needs to be provided. If not available, it is recommended to recreate the logo in high resolution vector for a sharper version.

The following logos are suggestions to consider as new directions and not final logos.  


Being unfamiliar with the industry, I am making some guesses with these images. Your selection and suggestions will help me better understand your organization.

A good way to set the tone for the website, for the project is to select images that represent ISSMO and set the colors and tones for the site.  

For the moment I am proposing free of charge images. If we can not find free images we can look at premium images. 

If you would like to pick images:


To purchase images: