ISSMO/Springer Prize 2005

Dr. Fernando V. Stump and Dr. Gil Ho Yoon have been selected as recipients of the 2005
ISSMO/Springer Prize for Young Scientist.

The Prize is awarded to Dr. Stump and Dr. Yoon for excellent presentations and
contents of outstanding papers read at ISSMO’s Sixth World Congress of Structural and
Multidisciplinary Optimization (WCSMO-6) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2005.

Dr. Stump receives the Prize for the paper “Material Distribution Design of Functionally
Graded Rotating Disks with Stress Constraint” co-authored with G H Paulino and E C N

Dr. Yoon receives the Prize for the paper “Optimal Layout Design Using the Element
Connectivity Parameterization Method: Application to Three-Dimensional Geometrical
Nonlinear Structure” co-authored with Y S Joung, Y Y Kim.

The Prize was handed over at ceremony during the General Assembly at the WCSMO-7
in Seoul, South Korea, 2007. After Dr. Stump and Dr. Yoon gave a brief presentation of
their winning papers