CAE Software Developer (24CAE)

Are you a talented CAE software developer willing to work at the very heart of a company developing engineering tools including for meshing and geometry manipulation, as we continue to identify and exploit emerging commercial opportunities for our BOXER Software System and BOXERgeom our Digital voxel-based geometry kernel.

About Cambridge Flow Solutions (CFS):
We at CFS are committed to building engineering software tools and products that are effective, easy to adopt and make a significant impact on industry. Our products like BOXERmesh, BOXERgeom & BOXERsolve have an international reputation for scalability, robustness, configurability, and modular design. Over the last decade, CFS has built a strong relationship with its customers. We offer solutions across a range of industries based on our core research vehicles:

  • BOXERmesh, a robust scalable fully parallel mesh generator
  • BOXERgeom, a voxel-based Digital Geometry™ modelling kernel which supports MRO, AI/ML
  • BOXERsolve, a highly customisable ale RANS/LES/thermal solver

Please email with a stated salary expectation and the job reference, 24CAE when applying. Only applications with this salary information will be considered. Please forward all applications (enclosing a CV and cover letter) to