ISSMO EC Election Now Open

Dear ISSMO Member:
We are pleased to announce that voting for the ISSMO Executive Committee (EC) Election is now open.  Voting instructions are provided below, but please note the following important points:
  • 15 candidates have been nominated by current ISSMO members.  The candidate list may be found here, and the corresponding biographical and motivation statements here.
  • This election will identify 8 candidates to serve on the ISSMO EC for years 2019-2023.  Every ballot must vote for exactly 8 candidates.  Attempting to vote for less or more than 8 candidates will return an error message.
  • ISSMO values geographic diversity and Members of the Executive Committee must represent a fair geographical distribution, reflecting the membership of the Society. Additional information may be found in the ISSMO Constitution.
  • The 8 elected candidates will join Prof. Gengdong Cheng (Asia-Australia) and Prof. James Guest (North & South America) who will automatically carry-over in the roles of Past President and Past Secretary-General, respectively, on the new EC.
  • Voting will close on Wednesday, 22 May, 2019, at 23:59 Beijing local time. (GMT+8).
  • All votes are final.
  • Election results identifying the 8 EC members will be announced at the General Assembly (GA) of WCSMO-13 on Thursday, 23 May, 2019.
  • If you are receiving this email you are eligible to vote in this election.  Only registered participants of WCSMO-11, WCSMO-12, and/or WCSMO-13 are eligible.   
We would like to thank the EC candidates for their willingness to serve ISSMO, as well as their nominators for taking the time to nominate these candidates.  We encourage you to examine the election materials of the EC candidates and participate in this important election. 
We hope to see you in Beijing!
James Guest, ISSMO Secretary-General
Instructions for Voting

To vote please do the following:

1. Login to the ISSMO website (  ).  The login fields are at the top right portion of the webpage.  Your username is the email address this mail was addressed to. 
2. Click the link “Current Poll: 2019 ISSMO Executive Committee Election” (below the login field).
3. A voting page will appear listing the 15 candidates in random order.  You should vote for exactly 8 candidates by clicking the respective boxes.  When selected, Click Vote (bottom of the page).  Note: If you select more or less than 8 candidates and attempt to submit your ballot an error message will be displayed.  
4. A confirmation page will be displayed following your vote. 
5. Logout.

Excerpt from the ISSMO Constitution Regarding the Executive Committee (
The electronic voting is to be closed at mid-night before the ISSMO General Assembly Meeting is being held. Normally eight new EC members are to be elected and thus only those ballots are valid in which exactly eight candidates are voted for. Members of the Executive Committee must represent a fair geographical distribution, reflecting the membership of the Society. No more than 50% of the Executive Committee may be from any one continent and at least three continents must be represented in this group. If only two continents would be represented on the EC on the basis of the election, then the elected candidate with the least number of votes from those two continents is replaced by the candidate with the highest number of votes from the remaining continents. The new Executive Committee takes over immediately and elects the new office bearers.