Top Webinar

20th TOP Webinar

Special Session: Future of Scientific and Engineering Computing in Research Community and Industry

This special session presents two experts in large-scale scientific and engineering software followed by an open discussion on building collaborative communities and making research accessible via open-source software.

Building Software Communities.
Dr Daniel Katz (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)

Please Steal My Research: I’ll tell you anything you want to know.
Dr Justin Gray (NASA Glenn)

Open-discussion on open-source/software/benchmarking in TO

TOP Webinar 20,
February 24, 2022,
CET 16:00-17:30


Daniel S. Katz
Daniel S. Katz
Justin S. Gray
Justin S. Gray


H. Alicia Kim
H. Alicia Kim
Jaeyub Hyun
Jaeyub Hyun

19th Top Webinar

Host: Junji Kato
(Nagoya University, Japan)

Data-driven topology design using a deep generative model.
Speaker: Shintaro Yamasaki

Multiscale design of coated structures with periodic uniform infill for vibration suppression.
Speaker: Bin Niu

Topology optimization of damage-resistant structures with a predefined load-bearing capacity.
Speaker: Tobias Barbier

On-the-fly dual reduction for time-dependent topology optimization.
Speaker: Xiaoping Qian

Stress constrained topology optimization with precise and explicit geometric boundaries.
Speaker: Emad Shakour

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18th Top Webinar

Host: Rasmus Ellebæk Christiansen
(DTU Denmark)

Topology optimization of an acoustic diode?
Eddie Wadbro 

Topology optimization for acoustic structures considering viscous and thermal boundary layers using a sequential linearized Navier-Stokes model. Yuki Noguchi 

Trace formulation for photonic inverse design with incoherent sources. Wenjie Yao 

Photonic topology optimization with semiconductor-foundry design-rule constraints. Alec Hammond 

Local stress constraints in topology optimization of structures subjected to arbitrary dynamic loads. Oliver Giraldo-Londoño

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17th Top Webinar

Host: Natasha Vermaak
(Lehigh University USA)

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