Announcing e-Voting for new Executive Members of ISSMO

Dear ISSMO Members and Eligible Voters,


Announcing e-Voting for new Executive Members of ISSMO

1. The election of new ISSMO EC members is due at the General Assembly Meeting during WCSMO11, June 9, 2015, in Sydney, Australia, and this will be done by e-voting following the ISSMO Constitution.


The ISSMO Constitution amended in June 2011, states:

“Ballots for the election of the Executive Committee will be conducted through an electronic voting process. Electronic mail will be used to solicit votes from eligible voting members of the Society. Electronic voting rights are given to those who have attended, with paid registrations, at least one of the last two World Congresses of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization prior to the current congress and to those attending, with paid registrations, the current congress. The voting process will be organized so that the election result can be announced at the GA. The slate of candidates and dates of polling will be communicated to eligible voters by electronic mail.

2. The timeline determined by the ISSMO EC is as follows:

l  Announcing Call for Nominations* by e-mails and posting on   April 1

l  Closing nominee recommendations   May 7

l  Closing uploading candidate bio-sketches and short letters of intents**      May 15

l  Posting nominees on e-voting website after appropriate approval by the EC, and start voting                                                                                         May 24

l  Voting to be closed                                        Midnight, June 8 (Australian time)

l  Results announced at GA meeting                                                    June 9 

* Nominations can be made by any member of ISSMO. Please send your nomination(s), including the name and affiliation of the nominee(s), to Secretary General, Helder Rodrigues, preferably with a few words of recommendation.

A candidate must be a full member of ISSMO. “Full membership requires participation in at least one of the World Congresses of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization”.

The nominator will have the responsibility to check with the candidate whether he/she will accept the nomination and provide a one page bio-sketch to the Secretary General.

** The nominator or the candidate is requested to send a one-page bio-sketch including a photo to Secretary General by May 15. A 10-20 line letter of intent or motivation may also be included in the election material. The font size must be 12 or larger.

3. The website for e-voting ishttps://www.issmo.netIf you have any trouble with the website or suggestion, send an e-mail to Secretary General, Helder Rodrigues at:

Sincerely yours,

Helder Rodrigues

Secretary General of ISSMO