Announcement of 2015 ISSMO/Springer Prize

Dear ISSMO Members:

On behalf of ISSMO Executive Committee (EC), I am very pleased to announce that the 2015 ISSMO/Springer Prize is awarded to Mr. Joe Alexandersen for his paper titled “Topology optimisation of passive coolers for light-emitting diode lamps”, presented at WCSMO-11 in Sydney, with Ole Sigmund and Niels Aage as co-authors. 

ISSMO congratulates Mr. Alexandersen for his outstanding work, praised for pushing topology optimization to new frontiers in multi-physics design.   The award ceremony will be held at WCSMO-12 in 2017.

The EC would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 20 young researchers whose excellent work was nominated for this prestigious award, and additionally thank their nominators for highlighting their work.

James K. Guest
ISSMO Secretary General