ISSMO/Springer Prize

Any paper presented at WCSMO by a “young” researcher (under the age of 35) can be proposed as a recipient of the ISSMO/Springer Prize by any participant of that congress.  The work should be entirely or primarily the young researchers; hence, a supervisor might also be on the paper, but the first author must be the nominee.  The prize-winning paper will be selected by the ISSMO Executive Committee.  Proposals, including a 50-word justification, are to be submitted to the ISSMO Secretary General

ISSMO/Springer Prize 2019

Mathilde Boissier and Weiming Wang are the 2019 recipients of the ISSMO-Springer Prize for exceptional Young Scientist. They receive this prize for their excellent presentations and outstanding

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ISSMO/Springer Prize 2015

Mr. Joe Alexandersen is the 2015 recipient of the ISSMO-Springer Prize for exceptional Young Scientist.  The Prize is awarded to Mr. Alexandersen for his excellent

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