Call for nominations for ISSMO/SPRINGER prize 2021

The call is now open to nominate excellent papers at WCSMO-14 by researchers under the age of 35. You are all invited to consider and nominate the works that are primarily conducted and presented at the conference by the young researchers, i.e. the first author must be the nominee and supervisor(s) may be co-authors. Although we do not accept self-nominations, co-authors may nominate their young colleague.  The winning paper(s) will be selected by the ISSMO Executive Committee.

Nominations are to be submitted to the ISSMO Secretary General, to include a 50-word justification.  Nominated candidates will then be invited by the Secretary General to submit a full-length paper on the topic of their WCSMO presentation for consideration for the Prize.  To be eligible, this paper must be received by the specified deadline (typically two months from the closing date of the conference) and must not have been published online or in print by any journal as of the last day of WCSMO-14 (June 18, 2021).

The nomination to be submitted by email to the ISSMO Secretary General, Alicia Kim at, by July 31, 2021